Welcome Traders!

Hey there! How are you doing today? Hope as good as I am.

My name is Martin.
For those of you who don’t know me, I am CEO & CO-Founder at NGT.

We founded Newgen Trades one year ago now together with Monica, CTO & Head-Programmer, with the vision to share our passion with everyone out there.

I am very glad to say that our community has grown significantly since we first started, and we now have over a hundred daily happy customers using our indicators!

Seeing how good the feedback we have been receiving is, we have committed from this year on wards to create and share as much valuable content as we can for all of you to enjoy!

With all of this said, I would like to personally give you a warm welcome to our new blog section and explain the topics we will be addressing here and what you can expect to find in this new section!

So.. you might be wondering..

– “What can I expect to find on NGT Blog?“

You will for sure be able to find valuable, high-quality and relevant content about General Trading, Binary Options, Forex, Crypto, Finance & Investing in the form of:

  • Step-By-Step Guides & Tutorials
  • Tips & Advice
  • In-depth Analysis & Reviews
  • Important News & Information
  • Discussions About Topics You Guys Propose

– “How Often Will You Be Posting?“

We will try our best to share new posts at least twice a week. I know you guys can understand that with all the new things going on at NGT, we are pretty busy, but do not worry, you can have my world that you’ll have weekly posts available to read and enjoy!

– “Are you trying to sell me anything?“

Definitely not. As I explained before, the sole purpose of this blog is to share you guys our passion, by creating the best content we can, with no hidden intentions behind.

What you can expect NOT to find in here is:

  • Reviews about our products suggesting you to purchase them.
  • Brokers reviews with the intention to make you sign up with them and deposit so we get paid commissions.
  • Fake reviews about competitors indicators or services.
  • Any form of biased information.

– “Will I be Able To Participate?“

Of course! That’s the whole idea! Comment sections will be available in each post for you guys to interact with us, share some feedback, and pretty much feel free to express however each post made you feel, so your interaction with us will be our first priority!

– “How Can I Get Notified By New Posts?“

The best way to know about new posts as soon as they come out is by subscribing to our newsletter!
We will also be posting them on Facebook, so make sure to follow our page by clicking right here!

We wish from the bottom of our hearts this blog will be a place for all of us to share and learn together, and that you guys get as excited as we are for this new era in NGT.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post till the end, we appreciate your attention and value your time!

Happy trades and Kind regards,
Martin & Monica.